VSpeak Vario Accessories

1 GB Micro SD card

The micro SD card is required if you want to log the sensor data of the VSpeak Vario's. For the evaluation of the recorded data VSpeak-Tools is available for free download.

In MSB and spectrum VSpeak Vario's parameter settings can be made using the SD card.

Firmware updates uses also the SD card.

Balancer-adapter cable

For EH and XH balancer are assembled cables available.

For other systems the VSpeak-Balancer connector can be delivered. The battery balancer connection has to be done by yourself.

The length of the adapter cables is approximately 20cm.

In battery's with a number of cells up to 4S the voltages of all single cells (and the total battery voltage) can be monitored. In 5S and 6S battery's the VSpeak-Vario only monitors the voltages of the cells 1 .. 3 and the total battery voltage. The battery technology is so advanced, that under normal use the battery's discharge of all cells is uniform, so only small voltage differences between the cells occur. Thus can be closed almost certainly from the voltage monitoring of the cells 1...3 on the voltage of the cells 4, 5 and 6.

For correct measurement of cells and the total voltage a ground connection between the negative terminal of the battery and the negative terminal of the receiver is necessary. For controllers with BEC, this connection is automatically done – BUT NOT in opto-controllers, there you have to make a ground connection separately.

EH Balancer-adapter cable

EH 4 cell Balancer-adaptercable

At the EH4 cell balancers also 2S or 3S battery's (of course with EH-plug system) can be connected. These are plugged "negative pole-flush", so the minus pole of the battery's at the outermost black wire of the EH 4 cell balancer adapter cable.

EH 5 cell Balancer-adapter cable

EH 6 cell Balancer-adapter cable

XH Balancer-adapter cable

XH 2 cell Balancer-adapter cable

XH 3 cell Balancer-adapter cable

XH 4 cell Balancer-adapter cable

XH 5 cell Balancer-adapter cable

XH 6 cell Balancer-adapter cable

VSpeak-Balancer connector

You can build your own balancer connector with the following connection scheme. Remind that the max. voltage may not exceed 28 V.