Installation tips JETI DC/DS

The "VSpeak-glasses" module is suitable for installation in all Jeti transmitters listed below - first generation transmitters with monochrome displays are not supported.

Be sure to follow the instructions and warnings in your Jeti transmitter manual   ->   regarding working on the open transmitter.

Below, the location of the P1 port is marked for each transmitter in an excerpt from the operating instructions.

The "VSpeak-glasses" module can be attached to the transmitter using double-sided adhesive tape, for example.
The connection is made to the with P1 labeled expansion port.
Installation examples can also be found below - which you can use as a guide.

DC-14 II

DC-16 II

DC-24 (1st generation)

DC-24 II


DS-14 II

DS-16 II

DS-24 (1st generation)