Kolibri-NG (V10)

The VSpeak converter is compatible with the new Lambert Kolibri ECU’s (V10) :

Complete information on the VSpeak converter can be found in the detailed manual.

The VSpeak ECU converter is plugged with it's 3-pin UNI servo plug on the ECU at the port marked TERMINAL.

The ECU data can be transmitted by the ECU Converter over the telemetry channel to the radio.

The ECU Converter calculates the fuel consumption and also transmits it to the respective transmitter of the model pilot

Furthermore, the function Taxi tank is setable.

The VSpeak ECU Converter is compatible with the following remote control systems:

    • Jeti Duplex (EX-Sensor / EX-Bus)

    • Multiplex MLink (MSB)

    • Graupner HoTT

    • Futaba

    • FrSky S.Port

    • JR PROPO

    • PowerBox Core P²-Bus

    • Spektrum X-Bus / SRXL2

The respective remote control system can be set using a modified V-cable and the "Data Terminal" (HDT / GSU), as shown in the following video:

With the VSpeak ECU Converter for Jeti Duplex and Graupner HoTT not only the data of the terminals can be displayed. With the help of the radio keys all inputs are possible. The handling is similar to the HDT/GSU of the ECU (see YouTube video).

Jeti Duplex EX

PowerBox core

Futaba (JetCat V10 display)

Futaba (single sensors)

Graupner HoTT

Spektrum XBus



Multiplex MLink

telemetry adapter