Optical correction


If you are farsighted, i.e. you only need “reading glasses”, you do not need any optical correction, as you can clearly see the model in the distance - and at the same time you can also clearly see the telemetry data displayed in the ENGO glasses.


In the case of nearsightedness, optical correction of visual acuity is always required to see at distances.

The manufacturer of the glasses does not currently offer a solution for corrections. At this time is not yet clear whether and when a manufacturer solution will come.

However, you don't have to forego the advantages of ENGO glasses:

1. Contact lens wearers can use both the ENGO1 and ENGO2 as normal.

For people who wear glasses, we recommend the ENGO2 as “over-glasses”...

2.   . . . over normal everyday glasses.

The prerequisite is that normal glasses have a small width.

Enrico Thäter from the ElsterJet-Team uses his glasses in this way, and this was also reported in the JetPower2024/2 magazine in the article about our glasses.

3.   . . . over an additional narrow glasses that have been individually adjusted to your visual acuity by your optician.

These additional glasses disappear completely under the ENGO2 so that you can rely on the cheapest glasses models.

The following pictures show examples of glasses from Fielmann (as of 4/2024) in combination with the ENGO2-large: