Electronic switches

The electronic switches are small devices without any moving parts. Therefore they are resistant to any kind of impact and vibration. They are especially designed for the rough environment in RC-models.

The programming of the on position/range is achieved by using a magnet.

The current switch state and faults are displayed with the onboard green LED.

Electronic switch 20A (opto)


detailed manual

The electronic switch 20A (opto) is the improved electronic switch 2A (opto). It can now switch 10 times the current of the previous version. Opto means galvanic isolation of the control section and switch output via optical couplers.

2 operating modes can be set:

    • Default is mode 1, wherein the output is switched as in the previous 2A-switch (eg ignition switch as Electronic ignitions of gasoline engines).

    • In mode 2 the output is clocked (pulse width modulation) in the ON state. The duty cycle can be programmed by using a magnet. Thus, the switch is suitable for direct control of glow plugs for methanol engines.

As seen in the youtube demo video above , the parallel control of up to 7 glow plugs is no problem.

In good adjusted methanol engines, onboard glowing from the receiver battery to start the engine is possible. This saves weight for an additional glow battery and eliminates heating cables to the start box.

no longer available: Electronic switch 2A (opto)

The electronic switch (opto) is controlled by a microcontroller and galvanically isolated via an optocoupler from the load side. You can use a separate power source for the load.

The electronic switch (opto) switches the positive line.

Thus, the electronic switch (opto) is ideally suited for electronic ignitions for model gasoline engines because no interference of the ignition system can be transferred to the receiver by the galvanic isolation of the terminals of the electronic switch (opto).

Electronic switch 2A

detailed manual

This switch was designed for loads with low current consumption, which are powered directly from the receiver.

The positive terminal is switched.

Ground is common on both input and output.



external blue LED

KAVAN universal Glow-Plug connector