manual: FLOW-meter

Detailed information about VSpeak FLOW-meter can be found in the detailed manual.

The FLOW-meter measures the fuel consumption of models with turbine, which are made available for transmission on the telemetry return channel of the respective remote control system. The model pilot is thus always informed about the current consumption / tank level.

Depending on the remote control system, alarm thresholds (reserve, turbine OFF) can be set in the transmitter or in the FLOW-meter. The consumption / tank level can reseted via a separate servo channel - so displaying the actual consumption / tank level would not be a problem even after a so-called "taxi tank" has been disconnected after the start phase.

From the update to version 1.1, with selected Jeti Duplex EX-Bus the servo channel that has become free for the reset can be used to connect another Jeti sensor, the VSpeak FlOW-meter thus functions as a Jeti telemetry expander.

Flow sensor:

The VSpeak FLOW-meter is available in 4 versions:

    • FLOW-meter 1.0 . . . for turbines up to 180N

    • FLOW-meter 1.6 . . . for turbines up to 300N

    • FLOW-meter 3.0 . . . for turbines with an integrated pump or >300N

    • FLOW-meter E . . . . without sensor, for customer flow sensor

Since the electronics of the FLOW-meter has an easy-to-use calibration function (see demo videos below), it is also offered in the "FLOW-meter E" variant without a sensor, for any sensor that may already be provided by the customer, which provides a digital output signal as an NPN open collector. This is the case with a large number of BIO-TECH sensors.

Selection of fuel connections:

In the case of turbines with an integrated pump, the next larger flow sensor with the larger nozzle should be selected if possible in order to keep the resistance in the suction line as low as possible. Festo screw nipples should also be used here instead of Festo push-in fittings, since the latter are not so well suited for suction operation.

The VSpeak FLOW-meter is available for the following remote control systems:

    • Jeti Duplex EX

    • Multiplex MLink (MSB)

    • Graupner HoTT

    • Futaba

    • FrSky S.Port

    • JR PROPO

    • PowerBox Core P²-Bus

    • Spektrum (X-Bus)

The respective remote control system can be set using the button of the FLOW-meter.

With the remote control systems Jeti Duplex, PowerBox and Graupner HoTT all settings of the converter can be made from the transmitter, on all other systems individual parameters can be set with the help of a micro SD card.

Demo with turbine JetCat P60 and PowerBox core

FLOW-meter - calibration with balance / demo of accuracy

FLOW-meter - calibration with measuring cylinder