Magnet switches

detailed manual

The Magnetswitch is a replacement for mechanical switches. Since there are no moving parts, It is suitable for all kinds of models and immune to vibrations.

Since the switch is operated by a magnet, it can be placed hidden inside the model.

Due to the small size and the light weight, the Magnetswitch is suitable for planes, especially sleek models.

You can not only switch the RX battery, but also the flight pack of brushless ESCs or single BECs with max. 3S LiPo and a maximum permanent current of 25A.

The positive terminal is switched.

The "ON" position condition is displayed with a LED.

The magnetic switch is available in two types of connection, these differ in the current carrying capacity:

Magnetswitch 25A

    • with silicone-cable for direct soldering

    • max. switching current: 25A permanent / 60A burst

Magnetswitch 25A-UNI-Blue-Line

    • Plug and Play (UNI/Futaba male - UNI/female)

    • max. switching current - only limited by the connectors: 3A permanent / 5A for 2min/ 8A burst