AMT Netherlands

The VSpeak ECU converter for AMT is plugged into the "Telemetry" port of the AMT ECU with the Futaba servo plug.

With a V-cable, the "Engine Data Terminal" can be operated in parallel.

The ECU data can be transmitted by the ECU Converter over the telemetry channel to the radio.

Telemetry and ECU connector of the VSpeak ECU Converter are electrically isolated, to avoid repercussions of the turbine control to the receiver.

The VSpeak ECU converter is available for the following remote control systems:

    • Jeti Duplex EX

    • Multiplex MLink (MSB)

    • Graupner HoTT

    • Futaba

    • FrSky S.Port

    • JR PROPO

    • PowerBox Core P²-Bus

    • Spektrum (X-Bus)

The VSpeak ECU Converter is updatable.

Detailed information about VSpeak ECU Converter JetCat can be found in the detailed manual.