Speech module VSpeak - Jeti Duplex

The speech module VSpeak - Jeti Duplex is connected with an V-cable between a Jeti-2, 4GHz ... T-module and a Jetibox, Jetibox MINI or a Jetibox emulated device (eg Turnigy TGY 9X Jeti).

At the Jeti Profibox the speech output module VSpeak works only if Profibox - in monitor mode - and voice output module VSpeak are connected with a V-cable to a Jeti-2, 4GHz T ... Module (Ji port of Profibox). In other modes of the Profibox (Tx mode) , the speech output module VSpeak does not work.

Detailed information about VSpeak for Jeti Duplex can be found in detailed manual.

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Besides Jeti, there are other manufacturers of sensors, which also support Jeti Duplex telemetry. Here are demo video clips with the function of speech module to the respective manufacturers: