Speech module for telemtry capable radios

The VSpeak-modell includes electronic components for model construction.

The main focus is on telemetry - and within this, on the speech output, the data obtained in models with sensors.
In general, the measured values are optically displayed from the respective radio systems with a telemetry capable remote control system.
The VSpeak speech module is executing the data presented acoustically to speech.
Thus, relevant telemetry data can be captured by the model pilot without losing the view to the model.

Is a sensor for "rising or falling" (variometer) connected to the model, then
- in addition to the announcement of values -
a rising or falling rate proportionally tone (vario) is generated.

In the VSpeak speech module you can choose between multiple languages and within them several voices are available.

Demonstrated at the example of „VSpeak for Spektrum“ some youtube demo clips are available in: